Transit visa is required if the period of stay in Russia exceeds 24 hours or a traveler needs to change the airport.

To apply for a transit visa, an applicant should submit to the Consulate a completed visa application form, national passport, one standard picture, Money Order (see points 1-4 of General Information), as well as:

  • Visa of the destination country;
  • Tickets for the whole itinerary.

           Passengers travelling to the Republic of Belarus via Moscow must obtain Russian Transit Visas.

Dear US Applicants,

Be advised that all applicants should submit their visa applications through the Russian Visa Center in New York (ILS). No appointment is needed. At ILS you can submit your visa paperwork in person, by mail or through your legal representative.

For those who wish to apply for visa at the Russian Consulate in New York (in person only), please make an appointment here (Appointment availability is limited).

The applicant should comply with the general visa obtaining procedure and have available all the documents concerning his trip.